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Reggie Watts, Miles Fisher & Mike Castle get ‘Bad Advice From My Brother’

Posted at June 18, 2013 by 1 Comment

Actors Reggie Watts, Miles Fisher and Mike Castle are going to be giving (and receiving) some bad advice. The trio have been cast in Comedy Central’s comedy pilot Bad Advice From My Brother.

The plot centers around brothers Jason (played by Fisher) the not-so-wise older brother, who has spent most of his post-college life chasing after money and women, and Ben (played by Castle) the younger bro who has a desire to be just like their neighbor Reggie (played by Watts). When Ben decides to move in, Jason makes the decision to think about his mistakes and lead his brother in an opposite path. But Jason’s advice is typically very bad and creates more problems than anything.

Bad Advice From My Brother will be executive produced by Brad Copeland and directed by Chris Koch.

Source: THR

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