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Camryn Manheim enters ‘Criminal Minds’

Posted at July 5, 2013 by 1 Comment

The great Camryn Manheim of “Ghost Whisperer,” “The Practice” and, most recently, “Harry’s Law” fame is returning to CBS by taking on some criminal minds, one of whom is a member of her own family. The actress  has been cast as the mother of an UnSub, or unknown subject in a criminal case, in a guest starring role on Season 9 of  the long-running “Criminal Minds.” The television vet will make her debut in the two-part season premiere.

Manheim’s on-set son has some very serious mental problems, such as killing women who resemble his ex-girlfriend, and she is very protective and watchful over him. Meanwhile, in a twist, it turns out that her character is hauling around some very dark family secrets of her own. The all in the family drama returns this fall to television sets everywhere. Stay tuned.

Criminal Minds” begins Wednesday, Sept. 25 at 9pm/8pm Central.

Source: TV Line

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