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What The Zech?! – Netflix Original Content Racing Ahead


Posted at July 30, 2013 by

With the recent launch of Netflix’s next original series, Orange Is The New Black (from Weeds creator Jenji Kohan), it appears that Netflix’s “Phase Two” is well underway. And yet, despite the media tidal wave that came with Netflix’s revival of Arrested Development, and the storm of Emmy nominations for House of Cards, Netflix’s original programming seems to have only scratched the surface of possibilities.

When I say Netflix’s “Phase Two,” I am trying to draw a comparison to the Marvel Studios franchises (Iron Man, Avengers, etc.) and their “phased” plan for an ambitious roll-out of content over the next several years. While Netflix isn’t officially labelling their “phases,” their grand plan for original programming certainly rivals Marvel Studio’s in terms of ambition. Allow me to elaborate:

Lilyhammer was Netflix’s first foray into original programming. Starring Steven Van Zandt as a New York gangster trying to make a new life in Norway, the Norwegian-American production shattered records in its European premiere with one-fifth of the Norwegian population tuning in.