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marc silvestri

Exclusive: Rob Liefeld’s ‘Icons’ Screenplay About the Rise of Image Comics and Casting Picks


Posted at January 22, 2013 by

Rob Liefeld is a busy guy. For starters, Godyssey and Bloodstrike have both recently been tapped for big-screen treatment. He also relaunched Extreme Studios, which not only led to the return of Image Comics’ flagship title Youngblood, but also gave fans the critically acclaimed reboots of Prophet and Glory (seriously, look them up, they really are that good).

Amidst all this, Liefeld was also scripting 3 DC titles and manning the art duties on Deathstroke, that is until he quit, announcing his frustrations publicly via his Twitter feed. That was followed by another public spat with notable Batman scribe, Scott Snyder (they have since buried the hatchet). Lest we forget, Image Comics celebrated their 20th Anniversary last year, so one could only imagine all the insider commentary he’s been keeping to himself before signing up to Twitter and writing a blog.