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‘Once Upon A Time’ Spinoff Finds Its Alice In ‘Wonderland’


Posted at April 2, 2013 by

ABC has been in a bit a slump with “breakout hits” these last few years. One of the solid bright spots has always been the sophomore series Once Upon A Time on Sunday nights. The series travels between Storybrooke, Maine and its fairytale land, The Enchanted Forest, and on a wide scope of characters. Some go on for episodes without a major episode focusing on them and as such, are introducing Once Upon A Time: Wonderland, a miniseries that has cast their leads.

Ginger Gonzaga is a Woman on ABC Comedy ‘Mixology’


Posted at March 15, 2013 by

Comedienne and actress Ginger Gonzaga, fresh from the talking teddy bear film Ted, has filled the void left in Mixology, a new ABC comedy pilot. Gonzaga is replacing actress Mercedes Masohn, who left the project just a few days ago.

Kelly Preston to ‘Keep Calm and Karey On’


Posted at March 7, 2013 by

Actress Kelly Preston is jumping from making films to starring in her very own TV pilot. Preston will play the lead character, Karey, in ABC’s single-camera comedy pilot called Keep Calm and Karey On. The show focuses on Karey, the only clean member of a family full of petty thieves, narcissists and drug addicts.

Damon Wayans Jr. & Jake Johnson ‘Let’s Be Cops’ Greenlighted At Fox


Posted at March 5, 2013 by

One of the splendid things about TV actors is that their series usually break from production around the same time. It’s why you see a lot of TV comedy actors doing a cameo or two in some big-budget films or even star in one of their own. Damon Wayans Jr. (Happy Endings) and Jake Johnson (New Girl) have gotten the greenlight from Fox for a buddy cop comedy Let’s Be Cops.

Alicia Silverstone Leads Lifetime’s ‘HR’ Pilot


Posted at February 27, 2013 by

Lifetime’s new drama HR, has finally found its star in Alicia Silverstone. The pilot was meant to air last summer during pilot season with Witches of East End, Cinnamon Girl and The Secret Lives of Wives but was postponed in order to find their optimal lead.

The Clueless lead has officially agreed, so HR is now cleared for production. HR follows a neurotic Director of Human Resources for a global company who suffers a head injury that changes her outlook on life. She inspires the employees and business to do the same while changing standard corporate practices.

‘Home Improvement’ Reunion: Jonathan Taylor Thomas on Tim Allen’s ‘Last Man Standing’


Posted at February 13, 2013 by

Tim Allen’s former onscreen son will guest star on an episode of Allen’s ABC show Last Man Standing in March or April.

Joss Whedon Chooses Characters In ‘S.H.I.E.L.D.’ TV Series


Posted at October 3, 2012 by

Let’s just get this obvious out of the way: Joss Whedon is “The Boss”. There, I said it. I revel in anything that comes from the creator/director/writer and this S.H.I.E.L.D. adaptation into an ABC TV series (the network is a sister company to Disney who owns the Marvel film division behind The Avengers). If this isn’t must-watch TV, I don’t know what is and by Whedon standards, he’s chosen his core crew of characters that will be featured on the show when it goes to pilot (and hopefully series afterwards).

Dream Pairings: HBO & Guillermo del Toro Together With ‘Nutshell Studies’


Posted at September 19, 2012 by

I guess it simply doesn’t get better than this: HBO and Guillermo del Toro are teaming up with scribe Sara Gran to adapt the “Hitcockian” thriller Nutshell Studies, written by Corinne May Botz that “a twisty drama about a 1950s small-town housewife who becomes obsessed with solving brutal crimes.” Seriously, this project sounds just about perfect.

Whedonesque: Joss Whedon Return For ‘Avengers 2’ & New Photos For ‘Much Ado About Nothing’


Posted at August 10, 2012 by

This is true geeky overload, where Joss “The Boss” Whedon is returning to write and direct Avengers 2, supervise Phase 2 of feature films at Marvel, develop an Avengers TV series for ABC and has released new photos from his ultra low-budget black-and-white modern take feature on Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing. He’s one busy fella!

Mass Casting Exodus: ‘Private Practice’, ‘Scandal’, ‘Body of Proof’ & ‘Thor’ (UPDATE: Mark Valley Joins ‘Body of Proof’)


Posted at July 28, 2012 by

[UPDATE #2] Mark Valley (Fringe, Boston Legal) is reteaming with Dana Delany on Body of Proof  as ”series regular role of Det. Tommy Sullivan, a onetime love interest of Megan’s who transfers to Philadelphia to win her back. The rugged cop will give his strong-willed ex a flirty hard time as they work together to solve cases.” They previously co-starred on Pasadena.

‘Once Upon A Time’ Finds Its’ Sleeping Beauty and Mulan, Comic-Con Poster (UPDATE: Sinqua Walls, Julian Morris Cast)


Posted at July 26, 2012 by

[UPDATE #2] Sinqua Walls has joined Once Upon A Time as “Sir Lancelot” described as “sword for hire with nothing to lose” and Julian Morris as Prince Philip “described as a young, skilled fighter and someone who is a selfless hero.”

Broadcast Upfront 2012-13 Round-Up: NBC, FOX, ABC, CBS & CW (Best Of)


Posted at May 18, 2012 by

The grueling week of broadcast network upfronts is finally over. The 5 major networks have announced their schedules, premiered their trailers and touted their own horns for advertisers. The crop of pilots going to series to premiere either this  fall or at midseason have showcased their stuff and Dream Movie Cast is here to present you a round-up of the more notable series that we’re looking forward to sampling (and hopefully setting our DVR’s to a season pass). You can also check out the complete schedule after the jump.

Upfront 2012: ABC 2012-13 Fall Schedule


Posted at May 16, 2012 by

It’s that time of year TV folks, where broadcast networks present their brand new series to advertisers and tout them as money-makers for advertisers. Some will fail and some will sail, but all of them will premiere sometime this fall for your enjoyment. Check out ABC’s 2012-13 Fall schedule, their newest series and a first look.