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Disney and Marvel Unveil Mysterious, Creepy New Project at D23

Posted at August 13, 2013 by 0 Comment

This past weekend’s D23 conference offered up plenty of new information, trailers and images for upcoming projects from Pixar and Marvel like The Good Dinosaur, Inside Out, and Thor: The Dark World. However, very little is known about one of the most intriguing projects teased by Marvel and Disney.

Disney neglected to provide plot details, or a title for the upcoming project, but instead offered only a single image that features two children about to enter a coffin shaped door. Upon the door, is a sinister-looking devil’s face on a clock, with the question “Do You Dare Enter?” printed over it.

Attendees were provided a poster of the image in the Disney Imagineering area. At the bottom of the poster, patrons could find a logo that unlocked a video through Marvel’s AR augmented reality app. In the video, Marvel editor Bill Rosemann suggested fans “stay tuned for more demented details about this all-new comic book project from your freaky friends and Marvel and Disney Imagineering”. It was suggested that further details would be made available in September.

The macabre tone of the presentation led many to speculate that the project may be related to a Disney attraction known as “Museum of the Weird”, which inspired their “Haunted Mansion” attraction.

Source: THR

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