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Cult Mystery-Thriller ‘Jacob’s Ladder’ to be Remade

Posted at July 3, 2013 by 1 Comment

Adrian Lyne’s 1990 trippy thriller Jacob’s Ladder has maintained a strong reputation over the years, and currently holds a 7.5 user rating on IMDB. Thus, it should not come as a major surprise that the Hollywood is looking to remake the film.

Production company LD Entertainment, owned by Mickey Liddell, is financing the film, while Michael Gaeta and Alison Rosenzweig are also producing.

Jeff Buhler, cowriter of Cliver Barker’s adaptation The Midnight Meat Train, is writing the script from an earlier draft by Jake Wade Wall.

The original film starred Tim Robbins as a Vietnam vet suffering increasingly strange hallucinations. In his attempts to uncover the truth behind them, he discovers not all is what it seems.

The producers are not aiming for a direct remake, but are expected to take the story in a more contemporary direction, while still maintaining a story that examines existential issues.

Source: THR

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