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Samuel L. Jackson Cast in ‘Robocop’ (UPDATE: Aimee Garcia Cast)

Posted at August 29, 2012 by 0 Comment

[UPDATE #9] Aimme Garcia is set to join Robocop as “a scientist who helps put together the Robocop with his creator, played by Gary Oldman.” Garcia is currently filming the new (and her second) season of Dexter, playing Dexter’s nanny and the sister to Angel Batista (David Zayas).

[UPDATE #8] Forget everything you thought you knew about Robocop’s villain, because now he’ll be played by Michael Keaton. This news is extremely exciting, couldn’t have asked for a better cast actor than Keaton. The news has been announced by director José Padilha via a statement: “Michael is the final addition to the amazing cast we have assembled for this film and it is so great to have the last puzzle piece in place.”

[UPDATE #7] Hugh Laurie is out, Clive Owen may be in. MGM is talking to a small group of actors to take on the role, which includes Owen as the filthy rich CEO of Omni Corp.

[UPDATE #6] Marianne Jean-Baptiste has joined the film, playing Police Chief Karen Dean.

[UPDATE #5] Michael K. Williams, aka. Omar Little from The Wire, has joined the cast of Robocop “supposedly [playing] Kinnaman’s partner in the film”. He’s so going to die in film, what a waste of talent.

[UPDATE #4] Jennifer Ehle has joined the cast of Robocop as Liz Kline. No details are known on the character and speculation to attribute it to a previous role on the original seems to be futile. Check back soon when more details arrive.

[UPDATE #3] Looks like Robocop will be welcoming the always captivating Jackie Earle Hayley as Maddox, “the guy who dispenses the military training to Robocop.” Jay Baruchel is also circling a role in the film.

[UPDATE #2] Looks the (long-awaited?) end of House was a really good thing for Hugh Laurie who’s now in negotiations to play “the evil and ultra-rich CEO of Omnicorp, the company that makes Robocop.”

[UPDATE #1] Abbie Cornish has been offered the female lead in the Robocop remake, directed by Jose Pahilha and starring Joel Kinnaman in the title role. Cornish “has been offered the role of his wife, who thinks she is a widow.”

[Original] Another high-profile remake has landed the highest grossing actor of all time. Get That M****F****** actor on that M****F****** film set. The Robocop remake has landed Samuel L. Jackson for the Sony/MGM remake of the 1987 sci-fi action movie. He’ll be appearing with Gary Oldman (The Dark Knight), as Robocop’s creator, and Joel Kinnaman (The Killing), as the titular cyborg.

Directed by Jose Padilha, Kinnaman will play “a cop named Alex Murphy who is brought back from the brink of death and turned into a cyborg police officer.” Jackson will play Pat Novak, “a charismatic media mogul and a powerful force in the Robocop world.”

The film will begin shooting in Toronto and slated to begin in September for Summer 2013 release.

Jackson can be seen as Nick Fury in The Avengers and is currently shooting Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained.

Source: THR

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