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Owen Wilson Back In Action With ‘The Coup’ (UPDATE)

Posted at May 12, 2012 by 0 Comment

[UPDATE #2] May 12, 2012 – Looks like we can add Michell Monoghan to the list that will be joining The Coup, alongside Owen Wilson and Pierce Brosnan. Monaghan will be playing Wilson’s wife.

[UPDATE #1] May 2, 2012 – Pierce Brosnan has joined Owen Wilson in The Coup. The actor (who was amazing in Polanski’s The Ghost Writer) will be playing “a mysterious government operative.” [First Showing]

[Original] The last time Owen Wilson starred in an action film was 2001’s Behind Enemy Lines and having seen him in Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris, I wonder why he does those “comedy films”. It’s all rather unfortunate, but maybe Wilson can finally return to the genre with The Coup from director John Erick Dowdle (Devil).

“The story follows an American family that moves to Southeast Asia and gets caught up in a violent coup when rebels attack and Wilson will play the father who must protect them in the chaos.” Dowdle co-wrote the script with his brother Drew, the duo is also behind the [REC] American remake Quarantine.

Wilson is expected to play the patriarch of the family and I think we’re all hoping for a “Liam Neeson in Taken” type. Crime Scene Pictures is behind the film which will also be remaking Dario Argento’s 1077 psychedelic horror film Suspiria, shooting later this year.

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UPDATE: Deadline

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