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New ‘Prometheus’ International Trailer Has Landed (Spoilerific!) (UPDATE: TV Spot & Photos)

Posted at May 16, 2012 by 0 Comment

[UPDATE #6] We’re entering “enough already” territory with the new Prometheus footage that’s becoming more and more spoiler-laden. Check out the newest TV spot for some familiar faces and some awesome new photos after the jump.

Here’s the mostly fantastic photos thanks to EW:

[UPDATE #5] May 15, 2012 – Take a look at a new clip from Prometheus, but if you’re like me, i’m going to try and avert my eyes from more new footage that may risks over-exposure. See the clip (if you want) after the jump.

[UPDATE #4] May 10, 2012 – More advertising blitzkrieg for Prometheus: an intriguing featurette on humanity’s origin and a TV spot. See after the jump.

[UPDATE #3] May 8, 2012 –  Rejoice fanboys! 20th Century Fox has officially confirmed that Prometheus will be Rated R for “sci-fi violence including some intense images, and brief language.” No need to further worry about what kind of cuts Ridley Scott is/would be forced to make. I believe we’ll be getting his comprehensive director’s vision.

[UPDATE #2] May 4, 2012 – Looks like the Prometheus marketing campaign is pulling a page out of The Dark Knight Rises with an “audio puzzle”. You can listen to it after the jump and decode the backwards audio to replay some familiar elements. [Movie News]

[UPDATE #1] May 2, 2012 – Check out the new featurette that asks “Where Do We Come From?” after the jump. As philosophically and spiritually cryptic as that may seem, co-writer John Spaihts also discusses the sci-fi applications to the real world. [Movie News & Indiewire]

Read what Spaihts had to say:

“Science fiction has taught us to see the universe as vastly smaller and less energetic than it is. Space travel involves such mind-boggling distances and high energies that I think most people have no idea how difficult it is.” He paused for a moment. “My personal belief is that as much as I love science fiction, human beings will never reach another star.”

[Original] What more is there to say that the sublime marketing campaign rolled out for Ridley Scott’s return to science-fiction or rather the realm inhabited by Alien? Nothing. therefore, it is with great pleasure that i rewatch the new international trailer for Prometheus over and over and over again. Check out the new and latest trailer for Prometheus after the jump.

Exactly. This trailer definitely gives a wider look at the goings on for several of the film’s characters (especially Charlize Theron’s “Meredith Vickers”) and the over-arching plot. Looks like another stunner as this has officially landed my “most anticipated film of the year” slot. There’s no going back now, Prometheus has landed and it’s up to the team to save mankind.

Source: Movie News

UPDATE: /Film, Indiewire, Movie News, Indiewire, Movie News

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