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Kenneth Branagh Becomes Villain In ‘Jack Ryan’ Reboot, Also Directing (UPDATE: Kevin Costner)

Posted at August 5, 2012 by 0 Comment

[UPDATE] Kevin Costner is joining the Jack Ryan reboot as co-lead opposite Chris Pine playing “a new creation… a close cousin to the role of CIA bigwig Admiral Greer that was played by James Earl Jones in Patriot Games. Costner’s role is being invented because Jones will likely be in the prequel, but essentially Costner would play Ryan’s mentor who recruits him and shows him the ropes.”

[Original] There may be a little director favouritism in the next Jack Ryan movie. Kenneth Branagh, already set to direct the upcoming Jack Ryan reboot, will now be playing the lead villain as well. Branagh, in his juicy role, may steal the show from star Chris Pine (Star Trek), the fourth in the Jack Ryan line (the character being played previously by Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford (twice), and Ben Affleck).

Branagh will play Viktor Stazof, a “financial ‘wiz’ who helps the Russian government devalue American currency and destroy the US economy.”

Most recently, Branagh starred in My Week With Marilyn (grabbing an Oscar nom), and directed the Marvel darling Thor, a key jewel in the Avengers crown. Although the Jack Ryan project is still very much in development (with the working title Moscow), Branagh’s casting is an essential piece of the puzzle for this international espionage action-thriller.

Of course, the real question is whether or not Branagh can challenge the great Sean Connery (The Hunt For Red October) as the ultimate Tom Clancy villain. But with his own self behind him, maybe Branagh can rise to Connery-heights and create a film of Shakespearean proportions.

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