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Kate Winslet & Matthias Schoenaerts Get ‘A Little Chaos’, Directed By Alan Rickman

Posted at January 22, 2013 by 0 Comment

Kate Winslet in anything is always a good thing because who will argue that she’s been nothing but stellar in pretty much everything she’s appeared in lately? That’s what I thought and it looks like Rust & Bone star (appearing alongside Marion Cottilard) will be joining Winslet in A Little Chaos, directed by Alan Rickman. Yeah, we’re surprised as well. Read more after the jump.

A Little Chaos finds the indelible and magisterial Rickman behind the camera with Winslet and Schoenaerts to play “rival landscape gardeners commissioned by Louis XIV to create a fountain at Versailles.” Royalty. British film. Sounds like something I’d want to see.

Rick has had the film in development for a couple of years and production is set to begin shooting in the spring. The film does see Rickman and Winslet reunite since their 1995 outing in Sense and Sensibility in 1995. Schoenaerts’ role in Rust & Bone seems to be gaining some traction, especially with Marion Cotillard (who appeared in Contagion with Kate Winslet, but did not share any screen time together).

Check back for further updates on A Little Chaos.

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