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‘Hot Tub Time Machine’ Sequel? Yes Please.

Posted at January 22, 2013 by 0 Comment

“It must be some kind of… Hot Tub Time Machine.”

The movie with a concept almost too ridiculous to be true could get just a little more ridiculous with the news that MGM is courting Rob Corddry to helm a Hot Tub Time Machine sequel. While the film was only moderately successful at the box office, it apparently did gangbusters on home and DVD sales (wait, people still buy those?), which surely is enough to warrant interest in a sequel — and with the rise in popularity of Corddry’s Emmy-winning Children’s Hospital Adult Swim series, MGM only has eyes for Corddry.

Indeed, Children’s Hospital has rapidly gained success, nabbing an Emmy last year for its fourth season, and a cult following in the process. Corddry’s success in building that series is definitely inspiring MGM to look to him as star and possible co-writer for a Hot Tub sequel, but this poses a number of questions. Namely:

What is the status of the rest of the original cast? Word is that MGM has reached out to Clark Duke and Craig Robinson, but it’s simply too early to tell. John Cusack, the veteran of the group, has yet to be attached to the project in any way and is at risk of becoming the series’ Great White Buffalo. That being said, with Corddry on board (and possibly creatively), perhaps the rest of the cast could be convinced.

If the rest of the cast returns in limited roles, or not at all, how much Rob Corddry is too much Rob Corddry? His character, Lou, was easily the most insane of the group, and any good ensemble comedy needs some balance. If there’s no Cusack/Duke/or Robinson to play off of, Corddry’s character might just be too much to handle. And even if they try introducing new characters, the strength and chemistry of the original cast was a big part of the original film’s success.

How can they find an excuse to time travel, given the bright and rosy ending of the first film? This is an important point considering the film ended on such a ridiculously happy note, and playing around with time travel consequences is always a touchy subject with fans.

Most importantly, will we see a return to the 1980′s, or is a new period in store? The ’80s cheese and nostalgia worked so well the first time, it would certainly be hard to leave, but they’re also at risk of pulling a Hangover 2 and just rehashing the first film. Not many films have gone back to the ironic ’90s, so that’s a possibility. Also, any earlier than the 80s and you run the risk of making the characters too young. The real temptation is to travel ahead in time, Back To The Future II style. Bringing the soon-to-be-franchise’s raunchy style to the future is rife with possibility.

Source: EW

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