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George Clooney Officially Attached To Brad Bird’s ’1952,’ 3D Format Denied But Likely

Posted at January 18, 2013 by 0 Comment

Back in November Mario reported on George Clooney’s casting in 1952, a mysterious sci-fi with a Close Encounters-vibe that was being worked on by Brad Bird (Mission Impossible: Ghost ProtocolThe Incredibles) and Damon Lindelof (Lost, Prometheus). Clooney has since been officially confirmed, but the real mystery surrounds the film’s potential to be filmed in 3D. Bird himself denied it via Tweeter, while an official Disney press release states otherwise. Oh the drama!

According to reports, Brad Bird has previously stated that he’s not interested in 3D and most recently tweeted

“Rumor control: we’ve never discussed 3D for “1952″.”

However, he may have since cooled on his judgements, judging from the studio’s press release (and as many will point out, essentially all of Disney’s recent releases have been 3D films — Bird doesn’t have nearly enough sway to change the mind of an entire studio here). Not to mention that Damon Lindelof’s upcoming Star Trek: Into Darkness will also be in 3D, and reportedly, if Into Darkness was not going to be made in 3D, it simply “wouldn’t be made.”

The fact is that with somewhere around a $3 markup on tickets for 3D films (depending where you are), studios just make ridiculous amounts of money on these properties — so much so that it would be foolish not to make these films 3D. Just consider how many of the highest grossing films of all time are in 3D, and heck, even Titanic was re-released in the third dimension to grab the buckets of money it apparently missed the first time around. And for what? Cheap thrills and a spectacle that takes away from the narrative thrust of a film? Uncomfortable glasses that dim a filmmaker’s vision, quite literally?

The most interesting thing here is that some would consider “1952″ to be the beginning of the “golden age” of 3D cinema in America, with the release of Bwana Devil, America’s first full length 3D colour film. Surely Brad Bird couldn’t have planned this 3D drama thing all along…could he? 1952 has also been referred to as just a working title for this upcoming film, occasionally going by Tesla as well. Either way, it all adds further layers of mystery to the film, which still remains without an official plot synopsis. All we can say for sure is that Bird, Lindelof, and Clooney are involved, and the film is aiming for a 2014 release date. Stay tuned as information slowly leaks out of 1952‘s production.

Otherwise, Clooney is currently working on his star-studded Monument Men film, while Bird appears to be attached to a film that is reportedly stuck in development hell and apparently called 1906 (confusing, right?). One thing’s for sure, while his name is often thrown around, 1952‘s production would definitely leave Bird out of the running for whomever gets to helm the rapidly approaching Star Wars VII!

Source: /Film

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