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Daniel Craig Set For 5 Bond Films, But Even More In His Future?

Posted at September 7, 2012 by 0 Comment

Daniel Craig’s tenure as James Bond has been widely debated ever since his initial casting, when fans first threatened to boycott because he was too blonde. But after the grand success of Casino Royale, Craig was given a license to keep killin’ them movies, which brings us to Skyfall this November, his third movie. Recently EON Productions announced a further two Bond movies in the series, with the next Bond film coming hot on the heels of Skyfall in 2014. Of course, if that doesn’t work out, DMC has some great suggestions for who should play the next James Bond.

Some other rumours and reports have even claimed that instead of just 5 films in total, Craig is set to go for 5 more after Skyfall, bringing him to 8 in total and beating Roger Moore’s record for longest-serving 007. And even though Craig is only contracted through to Bond 25 (very optimistically expected for a 2016 release), he has said that he could go on playing Bond forever. I don’t think the studio is going to disagree with him on this one,they have plans to release Bond films on a regular schedule of one every two years, or as quickly as they can, given the exhausting nature of crafting a Bond film.

After Daniel Craig’s now-confirmed 5th film, he will have played Bond through two great milestones — the 50th anniversary of the series, and the 25th film in the series — as he shoots his way to the title of Greatest Bond since Connery himself. And if you need to brush up on your Bond history in time for Skyfall this November, check out DMC’s James Bond Cast Comparison.

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