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Comic-Con Teaser Posters: ‘Man of Steel’, ‘The World’s End’ & Marvel Phase Two

Posted at July 17, 2012 by 0 Comment

Comic-Con rarely fails to impress, and this year is no exception as Marvel studios whipped their crowd into a frenzy with a big reveal of their post-Avengers world; DC reveals more about Zack Snyder’s hotly anticipated Man of Steel; and Edgar Wright makes a couple of big announcements.

Marvel Phase Two:
With a gentle tease, Marvel announced their official titles for the Thor and Captain America sequels: Thor: The Dark World (eerie) and Captain America: Winter Solider. No other information was revealed, but fanboys will recognize the Winter Solider storyline from the comics.

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Marvel had another major announcement with the reveal of Tony Starks’s suit in Iron Man 3. The suit’s lack of red makes Tony appear like some sort of golden god, appropriate considering his oversized ego.

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Not stopping there, Marvel also presented concept art and a poster for Guardians of the Galaxy, an interesting and relatively unknown super-team, as well as some test footage of Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man.

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Man of Steel:
DC and Warner Brothers released their Comic-Con teaser poster, featuring a shadowy Superman (Henry Cavill) and his illuminated chest. A trailer was also screened at Comic-con, generating tons of buzz, but has yet to be released — stay tuned.

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At World’s End:
Finally, Edgar Wright (who was also at the Marvel panel to present Ant-Man), released a teaser poster for his new film, At World’s End, which reunites him with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost to complete their Blood and Ice Cream Trilogy. The film follows Pegg and Frost as they attempt to re-create a pub crawl they completed 20 years earlier, while the fate of the world hangs in the balance.

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