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Black List Script ‘St. Vincent De Van Nuys’ Gets Bill Murray Back To Work

Posted at August 1, 2012 by 0 Comment

Its hard to look back to find a moment when Bill Murray was not a do no wrong movie star. Sure, he’s had his share of misfires throughout the years (Larger Than Life, The Man Who Knew Too Little, City of Ember, The Limits of Control), but seemingly nothing can sink the man’s ship. Best known to a new generation as a key player on Wes Anderson’s roster, his film choices are as varied as his humor is dry. The beloved actor is in serious talks to star in St. Vincent De Van Nuys, one of the top scripts for 2011′s Black List.

Variety reports, “written by Ted Melfi, who’s also onboard to direct, the coming-of-age tale follows a 12-year old boy who, in the wake of his parents’ divorce, forms an unlikely friendship with the misanthropic retiree (Murray) living next door. A war veteran whose life mainly consists of drinking, gambling and prostitutes, the elder soon becomes an unlikely mentor.”

While Ghostbusters 3 will likely never happen (check out our picks for a casting reboot here) he’s got other films in the pipeline. In Roger Michell’s Hyde Park on Hudson, he plays Franklin D. Roosevelt, which early buzz suggests may result in an Oscar nomination, and he also recently wrapped Roman Coppola’s (who co-scripted Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom) A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III“, co-starring and possibly loosely based around Charlie Sheen.

And now, a Bill Murray moment:

Source: Variety

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