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Dream Movie Casting: ‘Expendabelles’

Posted at August 21, 2012 by 3 Comments

With the success of Stallone’s Expendables franchise, it’s only natural that imitators will come knocking. But at least here’s one that sounds pretty damn exciting: Adi Shankar (producer of The Grey and Killing Them Softly) is developing an “Expendabelles” film, with an all-female cast, selecting up-and-comer Dutch Hamilton to write a treatment. The film hasn’t begun casting yet, but hopefully they’ll soon drop some body-dropping names. In the meantime, here’s our Dream Movie Casting of an all-female, all-ass-kicking, Expendabelles feature.

Here are some choice actresses who can take on these action-heavy roles:

Sigourney Weaver - Easily one of the greatest female stars, if Weaver can fight off an Alien, she can definitely kick your ass. Plus she can act circles around anyone in the Expendables cavemen cast.

Michelle Yeoh - This untouchable kung fu icon can hold her own against James Bond or Chow Yun Fat, plus she’s a certified international megastar. She definitely has a lifetime Expendabelles invitation. [ed. note: Not to mention her recent performance in Reign of Assassins.]

Linda Hamilton - This is the woman who went toe-to-toe with the Terminator. Just watch Terminator 2: Judgement Day and tell me you wouldn’t want Sarah Connor on your team.

Milla Jovovich - VH1 refers to her as the “reigning queen of kick-butt,” and there’s little wonder why. Jovovich performs many of her own stunts, putting her in Jackie Chan territory. Hey, now there’s a great cameo idea for Stallone’s Expendables 3

Gina Carano - The Haywire star is a newer addition to action stardom, but this former MMA fighter is definitely an Expendabelle in my book.

Sarah Michelle Gellar - She may be smaller than the rest, but even at 5’2″, Buffy still kicked major vampiric ass. Plus, if the Expendabelles  run into anything supernatural, Gellar would have that on lock.

Uma Thurman - Tarantino’s Wonder Woman sliced and diced in a major way in Kill Bill and I’m excited to see her in that Game of Death-inspired yellow jumpsuit once again.

Lucy Lawless - Aiyiyiyiyiyi! Lets be honest, no Expendabelles super team is complete without Xena, the same Warrior Princess who also made an entire generation of boys hit puberty early…

Helen Mirren - This final Expendabelle adds a touch of royalty to the mix. Hitting a late-career action streak, Her Majesty The Queen could at the very least pull a Schwarzenegger-style cameo.

Pam Grier – You ain’t seen nothing yet, this is where it really gets awesome. Stallone may have the legendary JCVD playing villain in Expendables 2, but say hello to the original badass female action star, Pam Grier, as the Expendabelles villainess. The blaxploitation mega-star, who was resurrected by Tarantino in Jackie Brown, would be an absolutely ruthless mastermind. Everybody knows the villain role is the most fun, but add a dash of Grier and that just makes it next-level.

We’d also like to hear from you on who you’d cast in Expendabelles? Leave your suggestions in the comment section below.

Source: DreamMovieCast

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  • FlexMentallo84

    Forgot Kate Beckensale

  • Melene

    Michelle Rodriguez!!!!!

  • BDTrooper

    Maggie Q, Katee Sackhoff, Vivica A. Fox, Michelle Rodriguez, Kate Beckinsale, Jennifer Garner, Gemma Arterton are a few. Vanessa Hudgens and Lyndsy Fonseca for younger choices. Gina Carano can kick butt, but has yet to show much acting chops.