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Cruise, Smith, Paltrow… Fake Poster!

Posted at March 14, 2012 by 0 Comment

Seems like fake movie posters have been all the craze recently thanks to this poster of Gosling in a Disney biopic. Now the boys over at uncovered other fake movie posters by the same artist, and ended their article with their own dream movie casting idea:

These posters make me want to create a fake poster for the movie idea long gestating in my brain: Tom Cruise plays the President of the United States who uncovers a vast conspiracy being orchestrated by his cabinet. They frame him for the murder of the First Lady so he must go on the run with the only Secret Service agent who believes him, played by Will Smith. I call it Executive Suspect. Any designers want to send me their take?

We thought we’d take a crack at it:

What are the odds of casting this trio in a movie? Someone get cracking on that script!

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