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Exclusive: Rob Liefeld’s ‘Icons’ Screenplay About the Rise of Image Comics and Casting Picks

Posted at January 22, 2013 by 21 Comments

Rob Liefeld is a busy guy. For starters, Godyssey and Bloodstrike have both recently been tapped for big-screen treatment. He also relaunched Extreme Studios, which not only led to the return of Image Comics’ flagship title Youngblood, but also gave fans the critically acclaimed reboots of Prophet and Glory (seriously, look them up, they really are that good).

Amidst all this, Liefeld was also scripting 3 DC titles and manning the art duties on Deathstroke, that is until he quit, announcing his frustrations publicly via his Twitter feed. That was followed by another public spat with notable Batman scribe, Scott Snyder (they have since buried the hatchet). Lest we forget, Image Comics celebrated their 20th Anniversary last year, so one could only imagine all the insider commentary he’s been keeping to himself before signing up to Twitter and writing a blog.

Actually, he’s not keeping any of it to himself. Liefeld documented everything he’s experienced during his 27 years in the industry in his memoir: the good, the bad and the ugly. Somewhere along the way he converted parts of it into a 100 page screenplay that covers the highs and lows of that journey thus far. Today we’re able to bring you 3 excerpts from his screenplay (all confirmed to be the real deal by the man himself), tentatively titled Icons, followed by his dream casting picks of key people for a feature film adaptation (some might surprise you).

‘Icons’ Excerpt 1: Enter Todd McFarlane

Click to enlarge (use your left and right arrow keys to navigate).

‘Icons’ Excerpt 2: Bye Bye Marvel

Click to enlarge (use your left and right arrow keys to navigate).

‘Icons’ Excerpt 3: Meeting Eazy-E

Click to enlarge (use your left and right arrow keys to navigate).

Liefeld wrote the screenplay in 3 days flat and until now has only shared a draft of it with a few close friends. He would however show it to his co-founders upon request as he believes they would enjoy it. So what’s next? Getting it out there!

I can see this material adapted as a HBO feature à la Game Change, with someone like David O. Russell at the helm since he clearly has a knack for making dysfunctional groups work on the screen. We hope to hear more on this project in the coming weeks!

And now for Liefeld’s casting picks:

Christian Bale is Todd McFarlane

Chris Pine is Rob Liefeld

Geoffrey Arend is Jim Valentino

Joe Mangeniello is Marc Silvestri

Rob Corddry is Erik Larsen

John Cho is Jim Lee

Richard Jenkins is Larry Marder

Tony Sirico is Tom DeFalco

Dabney Coleman is Terry Stewart

Whether you love it or hate it, Image Comics had a big impact on the comics industry (in fact, you probably wouldn’t have The Walking Dead if it weren’t for them). Are you interested in seeing this story adapted? Who would you cast?

Up next, Liefeld returns to monthly art starting with Bloodstrike #34. Be sure to follow @robertliefeld on Twitter, one of the most entertaining and often insightful feeds in and about the comic biz (oh, and basketball. He’s passionate about that too).

Source: DreamMovieCast

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  • comicbookguy

    I love these casting suggestions!

  • mechanical-legs

    omfg ROB PLEASE

    todd mcfarlane is dark and enigmatic
    walking down halls in trench coats
    fancasts himself as dreamboat chris pine


  • sandman

    Terry Stewart thought only one of them hand talent? LOL! I wonder who he meant?

  • Claude AndPam Parish

    Liefeld wants Chris Pine to play HIM? Hey, Robbie! Look into a mirror next time you pass by one!

  • Ckreed Kleber

    Icons will be better than TDKR!

    • Churrumino

      WE KNOW, RIGHT!?

      • Ckreed Kleber

        Epic is epic! =D

        • Churrumino

          Sure, my friend! XD

  • Greg Kirkpatrick

    Presumably, Stan Lee will play himself…

  • Tennessee Hanrahan

    This is some lousy screenwriting. Not surprised he wrote it in only three days. These are classic new-screenwriter mistakes: half a page spent on everyone shaking hands and greeting each other, then three pages later, another half-page spent on everyone saying goodbye. Not to mention the awful dialogue he gives everyone, especially Todd; the repetitions of “bud” don’t actually make him an interesting character, they just seem like lazy writing. And if this is all how things actually went down, the “Icons” should are full-on “Douches.”

  • DarkKyouto

    Other casting choices aside, is it just me or is Dayton Callie an obviously better choice for Terry Stewart? He’s a dead ringer.

  • Paul Marsh

    What a load of one-sided fuckwad. The clue is in the guys name LIEfeld

  • antony volley

    This is a joke, surely?!?!

  • mikemc2

    I assume all the actors will have to wear tiny, poorly formed prosthetic feet and copious amounts of thigh pouches to maintain the Liefeld aesthetic.

  • Keith Williams

    The movie should be called “IMAGE” not “ICONS,” and it should be written by a much better writer. Walt Disney, Charles Schulz and Jim Henson are ICONS. No one at Image is an icon. However, they are worthy of a movie about a company that actually treat ARTISTS like artists–and allows them full control over the properties that they create. They get my full respect on that alone.

  • Everyone

    I think it should be an animated film and each artist has to be drawn in their art style. So Rob Liefeld should be an anatomical mess, so he’ll look like he’s always taking a shit and he has no feet.

  • kgist

    “Picture Christian Bale in THE FIGHTER and you have Todd. EXACTLY.”

    Christian Bale in The Fighter was literally smoking crack every other scene.

    Got to be a hoax.

    • kgist

      Nevermind. I guess he tweeted about it.


  • Anthony Glassman

    I would like to ask how putting Wolverine in a red and white costume makes that a Bloodstrike character and not an infringement of copyright?

  • Vincent Emanuel D’Amico

    Rob Liefeld as Eazy-E

  • Loadedpistol

    I loled so hard.