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The Nicolas Cage in Everything Project

Posted at May 22, 2012 by 0 Comment

Thanks interweb! Now we don’t have to imagine the awesome Nic Cage in every possible Hollywood movie. Posters have been create to feature the actor in the lead role, if not all of them. I salute the individuals who take time to make these. See the hilarity after the jump.

The Other Faces of Nicolas Cage Facebook page displays these awesome posters.

Click to enlarge.




Got to say, I love the posters for Titanic, Lost and Expendables 2, where Cage takes on every action role. Who else could actually pull it off?

Okay wait, one more? Of course you want to see Nic Cage in Pulp Fiction and yes, he’s in blackface:


You can check out more on their Tumblr.

Source: Facebook

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