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‘The Breakfast Club’ – Dream Casting a Remake…

Posted at October 31, 2012 by 4 Comments

Ever since Wet Hot American Summer poked fun at the not-so-adolescent actors playing teenagers in the movies, there is an undeniable temptation in following this legacy in the casting of just about any remake of a popular teen flick. That being said, trying to recast such an iconic film like The Breakfast Club, it seems misguided to follow this route. Part of the appeal of the film was not only that the actors LOOKED like teenagers but were young, upcoming actors on the verge of “making it”. Phil Lord and Chris Miller, directors of 21 Jump Street, have already demonstrated their talent with both comedy and remake potential. Though in that case, credit is very much due to a strong screenplay, there is no denying that it is their pacing and directorial flair that elevated the film to new levels of enjoyment. It is also their background in animation that gives their pacing a bit more punch, as they don’t see live action as being limited to the confines of our reality.


Hard to mess with a good thing, the effectiveness of the original film was in it’s simplicity. Five teenagers, representing different high school stereotypes, meet in detention where they learn that they have a lot more in common then they thought. The obvious differences would be in the change from the mid 80s, to the 21th century. Something that could cleverly played upon by the filmmakers, who have already demonstrated a lot of cleverness in the rapid change in social values in high school in their previous film, 21 Jump Street. New technologies can similarly play a role, reflecting new ways of communication that will no doubt have an effect on the outcome and relationships within the film.

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  • BreakfastClubSandwich

    I’ve seen more original picks in my pants. Oh wait, I’ve got an idea, how about Selena Gomez? What about Miley Cyrus. Come on now.

    • dreammoviecast

      Everyone has their own vision for casting a film, that’s the point. Feel free to post your picks, thanks!

    • Justine Smith

      Originality is an overrated concept, and Selena Gomez is a rare and visionary talent.

  • Digital Soulja

    I actually think that’s some pretty interesting choices. Chloe Grace Moretz would be perfect in the Ally Sheedy role. Not sure what a Ryan Lee is, I didn’t see Super 8 (I assume like most people). I dunno, maybe McLovin instead? He’s gotta be like in his 30′s by now but he still looks 15.

    After thinking about it Bryan Cranston could play that role really well, but do you who else might be good.. Peter “the 12th Doctor” Capaldi, if he can do an American accent. Btw, is this movie actually being made?