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DreamMovieCasters Have Spoken – Readers Cast ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Leads (Posters)

Posted at September 8, 2012 by 10 Comments

We turned to our readers and asked who they would cast as Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele in the upcoming Fifty Shades of Grey movie, and the numbers are in. See the Top 3 Picks, and a poster for each role featuring the Number 1 choice, after the jump.

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Christian Grey

1) Ian Somerhalder
2) Channing Tatum
3) Colin Egglesfield

This was a very close call, with Matt Bomer deserving an honorable mention coming in right behind Colin Egglesfield. The ladies are truly dedicated in finding their ideal Christian Grey and with Somerhalder campaigning for the role himself, not to mention the flocks of women who watch Vampire Diaries, it doesn’t come as much of a surprise.

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Anastasia Steele

1) Megan Fox
2) Kristen Stewart
3) Alexis Bledel

We were surprised to see Megan Fox rank number 1 and with a wide lead over the other nominees, but it makes sense. The actress seems well past that perception of innocence and lust, Michael Bay got her first in Transformers. Alexis Bledel did a similar stint in trying to shed her Gilmore Girls persona on the much more adult Mad Men. As for Kristen Stewart, while unlikely she would join another franchise with such hardcore fans, we see the appeal.

Source: DreamMovieCast

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  • kiki

    Colin Egglesfield and Megan Fox all the way. Christian sees Ana sexy, and for all that it’s worth Alexis Bledel is really not, and not to mention Kristen Stewart…….are you serious?????? She was terrible enough in Twilight as it is!!!!!

  • Laís

    I think that the perfect Grey is not in here… I would choose Aaron Eckhart or Brett Tucker… they’re both amazing!!!

  • mai

    alexis for ana, and the guy should be channing tatum, but i did prefer Matt Bomer!!!

  • chrisfilmmaker

    Ian Somerhalder should be Christian Grey and Ashley Green should be Ana

  • chrisfilmmaker

    Has anyone seen Ashley Green, she is Ana!

  • RaynaJane

    Megan fox isn’t innocent enough! Matt bomer should be christian!

  • Rona

    Rupert Friend has to be Christian Grey and Maiara Walsh as Anastasia Steele.

  • Lucie

    Matt Bomer & Alexis Bledel!! He is absolutely perfect to play CG! And Alexis has an innocent face, perfect to play AS!! It has to be them two!!

  • redd

    Ian Somerhalder and Natalie Dormer would be a good choice, Ian is good at dark and mysterious. As Natalie Dormer is natural and has an innocence for the part of a young girl who lacks experience in mature matters.

  • Noor S

    Aaron Taylor-Johnson OR Henry Cavill – perfect as CG!!! Come onnnn!!! they are so insanely AND erotically sexy!!
    Erm, no Megan Fox is a bad idea as Ana Steele. Written in one of the previous comments “Christian sees Ana as sexy”, true. Which is why she has to be unique, and not an apparent sex bomb (like Megan Fox!!)
    The idea is that Ana is ‘plain’ enough to be any normal woman -which is probably the author’s aim so that the average reader could familiarise themselves with her character, but she should be appealing enough to catch CG’s eye.
    My pick would be Scarlett Johanssen or Jennifer Lawrence. These women have enough acting prowess to carry off a ‘girl-next-door’ charm, but at the same time able to exude an aura of being possibly wildly sexy at the same time!!
    Plus they have that ‘strong woman’ thing going on, so it’d be more believable for CG to see her as a challenge to dominate her. Not Megan Fox, who looks like she’d open her legs to a hobo on the streets.