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Good Times Bad Times: Casting The Led Zeppelin Movie

Posted at November 2, 2012 by 2 Comments

Enough with all the troubled musician biopics. We’ve all see the humble beginnings, the struggle for success in the face of adversity, the eureka moment of writing their big hit, and of course, the money, love and drug problems. It’s not that these themes are uninteresting, it’s just that they’ve become so cookie cutter, so perfectly molded to the Hollywood Oscar-bait drama, that it has become boring. What we need now is to see the stakes raised, the craziness increased, and the danger quadrupled; we need a rock band biopic, and what better band to fill that void than Led Zeppelin.

With a history marked by a rapid rise to fame and fortune, followed by a slow descent into drugs and alcoholism, eventually leading to the death of drummer John Bonham and the subsequent dissolution of the band, Led Zeppelin have truly lived the blues-inspired songs they sing. The four distinct personalities that make up the band’s unique sound are a reflection of the working dynamic that brought the men together, and eventually tore them apart. The following are casting suggestion for Zoso ( my potential title for a Led Zeppelin movie… Good Times Bad Times? How about Stairway To Heaven?).

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  • jedorff

    good idea. now who direct? Stone? maybe the great Scorsese?

  • Rodney

    Awesome idea…. but can it truly be pulled off given we have so much live footage of Led Zep to compare with a movie version it might come off as bad imitation. Guy’s who can’t play guitar fumbling about pretending to a backing tape. But their story is intense and debauched and has a moral to it, like Icarus flying too close to the sun, it could be poetic aswell as sleazy and realistic. Greatness and human frailty. Many of the homes they lived in still exist, which provides for some authenticity and the hotels…. who is going to play Peter Grant? And all the famous people they know and socialised with. Like throwing George Harrison in the pool at the Hyatt Hotel after splattering him with cake at Bonzo’s birthday party. Hmmm recreating the shark incident and the LA SWAT team invading the Hyatt….. Jimmy’s Crowley occult obsession…. Kenneth Anger and Lucifer Rising – which is what a movie on Led Zep should be titled…. Lucifer Rising….or maybe When The Levee Breaks…. music, groupies, guns, the occult, drugs and lots of weirdness, excess, excess and more excess….. sounds like Goodfellas or Casino…. you just know it will go ballistic and end in tears. The difference is Zeppelin weren’t criminals. They were more like Achilles, seemingly invulnerable. They were myth-like and mysterious, just like their music and album covers portray them. They flirted with the devil in a metaphorical sense but they did not deserve what happened to them. And in the end, they ultimately triumphed, the music lived on and they are greatly loved to this day and as people seem ery happy with their fame and fortune. They overcame disaster. Yeah, Scorsese should direct. Sounds like a long movie with all the stories that could be told, it is a real saga.