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Dream Movie Casting Guillermo Del Toro’s ‘Bio-Shock’

Posted at October 4, 2012 by 0 Comment

On one hand, you have Bio-Shock, one of the most iconic visual worlds ever conceived by video game designers, and on the other hand you have Guillermo Del Toro a devoted practitioner of practical effects. Seems like a strange match? To imagine the real-world version of Bio-Shock is to understand not only its design as a game, but to understand how its rich back story contributes to its atmosphere and design. It is not merely a first person shooter, but a high-concept science fiction scenario set in the past. Though far removed from our version of history, it is nonetheless ingrained with the imagery, textures and cultural flourishes of the late 1950s, an era that existed far before computerized effects. The image of the Little Sisters, ghost-like genetic shells for ADAM, similarly feels at home in his oeuvre which includes movies like The Devil’s Backbone and Pan’s Labyrinth, which examine childhood plagued by horror and violence.

Movie Synopsis

It’s 1960 and Jack crashes in the middle of the Ocean and suddenly finds himself in the crumbling underwater metropolis known as Rapture. Rapture was founded on the promise of a utopia for the strongest and brightest of American culture but was transformed by its own ambition as its inhabitants became increasingly dependent on genetic alterations used to “improve” their bodies and mind. Things began to spiral out of control and the inhabitants went mad, transforming into mutated zombies hungry for ADAM, the genetic ingredient used to alter their DNA. Jack is guided through this hell by radio transmissions from a man named Atlas, who claims the founder of Rapture Andrew Ryan, is holding his wife and children hostage. Navigating a world populated by human monsters, ghost-like children called Little Sisters and a wide range of art-deco locales, this is not your ordinary science fiction film.

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