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Chris Nilan Would Have Tom Hardy Play Him in Biopic

Posted at January 11, 2013 by 0 Comment

If it were up to Chris Nilan, Tom Hardy would be his man. We reported before the new year that Chris’ memoir (that he’s hard at work completing) may potentially turn into a Hollywood movie one day with his story being eyed by Tinseltown producers.

We asked Knuckles to reflect on potential casting and here’s what he said.

Hey, not bad!

He didn’t mind one of our alternate suggestions, the gritty Scott Caan but the mere thought of our “top pick” Jesse Eisenberg suggestion made him cringe, maybe barf. We’re sorry Chris but we were fooled by the curls.

Here’s how a Tom Hardy (in the starring role) poster could look like for the film we call Knuckles.

Here another one of our favorite Chris Nilan fights. Great shots to Lindy’s back of head.

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