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‘Batman Beyond’ Rebirth – A Dream Casting For The Ages

Posted at January 23, 2013 by 17 Comments

If you don’t live in a cave, chances are high you’ve heard of Batman Beyond.  But if you do live in a cave, allow DMC to present our Dream Casting for an (amazing) Batman Beyond film anyway!  Inspired by some eye-popping concept art that will help you visualize the high-tech Batman Beyond batsuit in live action, all I can say is that our Dream Casting made at least one childhood dream come true…(and it might just be mine).

Click to enlarge (this could totally work in Live Action, right?)

Neo-Gotham, 2039. Bruce Wayne is nothing more than a retired, grumpy recluse, living alone in his manor after injuries forced him to retire the bat-mantle. But after a chance encounter with young Terry McGinnis and an unfortunate series of run-ins with the ruthless “Jokerz” gang (that ends in the death of Terry’s father), Bruce begrudgingly agrees to mentor young Terry to become Gotham’s high-tech new Batman, culminating in an explosive showdown with the corrupt CEO Derek Powers, a bigger threat to Neo-Gotham than the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man.

An after-school cartoon staple (almost as addictive as playing batman slots), Batman Beyond was fairly darker than most animated series of the time, exploring the dark psychology of Bruce Wayne and manipulating viewers’ fears of the unknown, of the future, of technology — you name it. Batman Beyond dealt with fears and situations familiar to adults and adolescents alike, thus the cross-generational appeal of the animated series, which means the film is poised as a perfect crossover hit. The beloved series and high point of DC’s animated programs may currently live on in re-runs and crossovers, but just imagine Beyond on the big screen? Get Duncan Jones (Moon, Source Code) on board to elevate the material beyond (*ahem*) the usual Sci-Fi action tent-pole flick and we got something. One can only dream…cast! Have a look and let us know what you think…

Batman/Terry McGinnis – Aaron Paul

A former juvenile delinquent whose parents are both scientists, Terry’s a feisty young adult with a solid head on his shoulders, and what he lacks in experience he makes up for in determination. If Andrew Garfield can play Spider-Man despite being in his thirties, there’s no reason why the ever-popular Aaron Paul can’t bring a little spice to Batman (and I’m talking chili p spice).

Bruce Wayne – Jeff Bridges

The grizzled veteran to Terry’s hotshot rookie, for Bruce Wayne I’m definitely feeling Jeff Bridges. Think The Dude meets True Grit. “But Jeff, after your Oscar for Crazy Heart and a career full of legendary performances,  you’ve given them everything!”  ”Not everything, not yet.

Commissioner Barbara Gordon – Meryl Streep

The former Batgirl has followed in her father’s worn-out footsteps and taken over his old job as Commissioner. She may keep tradition going by allying with the new Batman, but don’t take her for a lightweight, she’s Margaret Thatcher-style tough. Which means three-time Oscar winner Meryl Streep becomes even more of a no-brainer for this role.

Maxine “Max” Gibson – Naomie Harris

One-half Alfred Pennyworth, and one-half Oracle, Max Gibson is Terry McGinnis’ best friend and confidante. Her skill with computers and other tech makes her a close ally for both Terry and Bruce. I’m tapping new Skyfall Bond girl Naomi Harris for this one.

Dana Tan – Alison Brie

Because every hero needs a love interest. Terry may fight criminals all night, but the hardest part of his new job is keeping his secret identity hidden from his sweetheart (and the prettiest girl in school) Dana Tan! Alison Brie is my (slightly) controversial pick.

Derek Powers – Richard Gere

This ruthless and dangerous CEO of Wayne-Powers Enterprises is transformed into the radioactive super-villain Blight by a biological weapon of his own making.  Think Pretty Woman meets Godzilla.

J-Man (Leader of the Jokerz) – Robert Pattinson

The itch that Neo-Gotham can never scratch, this ruthless gang terrorizes the streets and is inspired by The Clown Prince of Crime himself. Who can lead these unfortunate youths? Only the king of the brooders himself, Edward Cullen.

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Source: DreamMovieCast
Original Art (Header): tiguybou

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  • pablouk

    At the end it turned out Terry was Bruce Waynes Clone/son. He was not happy

    • Nick Davidson

      You don’t remember that episode very well. Right at the end he was accepting, sympathetic and understanding that it wasn’t Bruce’s idea or fault. And right at the end of that sequence he said the words ‘Just like my old man’ and they both smiled.

  • Gerardo

    I would like better Michael Keaton portraying an old and aged Bruce Wayne.

    • Dent81

      My thoughts exactly, how awesome would it be to tie it back to Tim Burtons movies with the Jokerz dishing out some luv for Jack

  • Paul Turner

    No Nick I don’t remember it well. They have never shown all the episodes in the UK and I must have seen this episode once on download about 5 years ago.

  • Michael Sistak

    I think Mark Harmon or Tom Selleck would have made a great batman in their youth. So why not one of them as a elderly Bruce Wayne.

    • Alexia Lindeloff

      my ideal casting for the elderly Wayne was and still is Ron Perlman but the NCIS fan within me loves the idea Mark Harmon as Bruce

  • Keltari

    Unless you follow comics, or happen to have seen the cartoon, most people would not have heard of Batman Beyond.

    • Andrew Gibson

      Anyone who reads dream cast lists probably would’ve.

  • Steve Yochim

    better question… who will play SPEED BUGGY when THAT becomes a live action movie?


  • Nick Erickson

    Aaron Paul, Allison Brie, and Robert Pattinson would all be acceptable choices. However, I’d cast Clint Eastwood as Bruce Wayne, Julianne Moore as Barbara Gordon, and – for the first time in a live action role – Mark Hamill as The Joker.

    • Nicholas B.

      MARK HAMILL the voice of Joke playing an older version of the Joker in a live action film, Brilliant! As much as I’d love to see Michael Keaton as an elderly Bruce Wayne while you’re at it bring Kevin Conroy to play old Bruce Wayne.

  • Greg

    Actually, I always pictured Robert De Niro as the old Bruce, since Christian Bale reminds me of him.

  • James


  • michael mota

    these are horrible castings!!!

  • Taco Bell Fiend

    Most of these are very bad. But I like Gere as Powers.

  • Andrew Gibson

    Terry: Yeah, I could see it.
    Bruce: Yeah man.
    Barbara: I almost said yes, but I feel like the age gap between Streep and Bridges is too small. They’re the same age.
    Max: She’s way too old. Couldn’t pass for a teenager.
    Dana: She could pass for a teenager, but Dana needs to be Asian. It’s ironic, given the original intention for Annie.
    Powers: Perfect.
    J-Man: Great irony. Perfect.

    So….4.5/7 ain’t bad.