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Arturo Gatti Dream Casting for ‘The Fighter’ Sequel

Posted at September 12, 2012 by 11 Comments

With Mark Whalberg returning as Mickey Ward in the rumored Fighter sequel, boxing fans are itching to find out who will play his opposite Arturo “Thunder” Gatti. Very few details are known on the film which is supposed to be based on the three infamous battles Ward & Gatti faced against each other. Gatti’s casting is especially meaningful after the champions untimely death in 2009.

They’ll have to do a heck of a job finding the right lead as it will be pivotal to the movie. Whalberg said in an interview “We left out the Aturo Gatti fights for a reason…Because that’s for ‘Fighter 2′. We’re not going to do ‘Fighter’ 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8, but we’re gonna do 2. We’re gonna do the Ward/Gatti trilogy.”.

Regarding status of where they are at with the project;

“We got to do that film before I get too old. So maybe in the next year, year and a half. We have to wait for the script, and then we’ll choose a director.”

Here are just a few suggestions from the DMC camp.

John Leguizamo as Arturo Gatti

Max Greenfield as Arturo Gatti

Zachary Quinto as Arturo Gatti

Here is round 9 of fight numero uno.

Who would you cast as Arturo Gatti in ‘The Fighter’ sequel?

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  • Anny

    John Leguizamo all the way!

  • JerseyBoy

    DJ Pauly D! LOL

  • Hallienne

    Mark Walhberg would have been the best choice !

    • Diamonds

      John Denver should play Mickey Ward or maybe George Burns is a better choice

  • Star Finder

    Jordan Lukkes a actor/model at Q Models has the intense look that would be perfect for movie


    John Leguizamo would be good but Benecio Del Toro would be better to portray Arturo Gatti..

  • Snowball Ross “Lynn”

    Just heard about this project last night. Now I’m going to obsessed with updates, loved Arturo Gatti and the fights with M. Ward were amazing, watched them more then once and I still get super excited over the hits

  • Snowball Ross “Lynn”

    With The Fighter, as long as Mark Whalberg in involved I know The Fighter 2 will be just as or even better.

  • raghavendra prasad

    what is the latest news on fighter 2,are the cast for sequel going to be same

  • Nik

    James Franco!

  • AgentStarling

    John Leguizamo! He is a wonderful actor and with some extra stomach muscles and boxing moves, he would do a great job. And he lives near me as well.