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Chris Nilan’s Story to Potentially Hit the Bigscreen Again, Hollywood Style

Posted at December 21, 2012 by 2 Comments

First came the Chris Nilan centered hockey documentary The Last Gladiators this year, now comes the news that Chris Nilan’s story may be sold to producers in Hollywood. No news on whether the supposed film would focus on his younger days as a hockey enforcer (and strip-joint frequenter) or his recent rise from the trenches (ie. unfortunate battle with substance abuse).

Here are our picks for lead casting should the movie see the light of day.

Top Pick: Jesse Eisenberg as Chris Nilan

As we know, Eisenberg has the biopic credentials but yet there’s a sense that he’s been typecasted into the tweeby, non-sympathetic roles. This would be an opportunity to show some range and add some much needed balls to his filmography.

Alternate Pick: Scott Caan as Chris Nilan

Give him a perm and pucker his lips and you’ve got a winner. Cann can bring the grit and the attitude, but please, leave the hair gel in Hawaii.

Long Shot: Michael Rapaport as Chris Nilan

Somehow attached to the project, Rapaport does bare physical similarities to Nilan but age would leave him out of any younger day activity.

Long Long Shot: Sean Astin as Chris Nilan

Not a stranger to sports related biopics (via the crowd-pleasing Rudy), Astin has a chin that can take on a wrecking ball.

Here’s one of our favorite “clean” fights from the glory days.

Who would you cast as Knuckles Nilan?

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