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Dream Movie Casting James Bond: Ryan Gosling, The Next 007?

Posted at August 31, 2012 by 18 Comments

The character of James Bond is part comedian, part secret agent. A witty playboy and a dark and brooding killer. He drinks well, sleeps well, and shoots well. Now the real question remains, who, if not Daniel Craig, will be the next James Bond after the release of Skyfall this November.

Clive Owen / James Bond

There are many contenders for the role of James Bond, head of the second-highest grossing franchise in history. Back before Craig was chosen, Clive Owen was considered a strong contender. He certainly knows his way around a gun, as seen in 2007’s Shoot Em Up, and his film The International could be considered a sort of “what if” film, as in “what if” he had been chosen as the next 007. Unfortunately, Owen would probably be too old for the role now.

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  • Eric White

    A Canadian James Bond?! Sorry Zech……..don’t know if that’ll ever happen….

    • Bond, Sam Bond

      A man can dream, can’t he?

  • English Ian

    Sean Connery is Scottish so therefore is a Brit! I think you’re getting English and British confused. Canada is no longer a British Colony, it’s part of the Commonwealth following the Repatriation Act of 1981 signed by the Queen and Pierre Trudeau.

    • Zech B

      Oops, thats what I get for falling asleep in history class…

      • English Ian

        Lol. Best way to make it through them…

    • Lucius Hassall

      He’s a pro-independence Scot though, so he wouldn’t be British if it were up to him!

  • Vbac

    Daniel Craig sign for 5 more movies or a total of 5 not sure…so he got at lease 2 more Zech need to check his facts before writing this article

    • Dreamer

      I think the website’s called “Dream” Movie Cast, not Vbac the fact-dictator…

  • Jon ‘Jonny’ Preece

    clive owen ftw!

  • Robert Wright

    Michael Fassbender

  • Kim

    How about a woman for the role? Stop being so misogynistic!

  • tammy d

    Oh my god, yes, Michael Fassbender!! I had always thought Ewan McGregor would be a perfect choice, but no one else seems to think that… Either way, nude scenes please!

  • jackie

    why the hell is Colin Farrell not on this list!!!!!!!

    • coukie

      Because he would destroy James Bond forever! I can’t stand him as it is (before you say anything remember Alexander the Great!).

  • Eileen

    I vote Colin Farrell too!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • John

    Colin Farrell

  • Djkm1980

    Jamie Bamber
    Michael Fassbender
    Kevin McKidd
    Christian Bale
    Tom Hardy
    Damian Lewis

    Would love to have Jonny Lee Miller as the villain. A Jordan Chase/Sherlock/Sickboy hybrid

  • erd

    If it wasn’t for his age I would love to see Hugh Laurie as Bond!