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Will Michael Bay’s ‘Occult’ Become The Next ‘Fringe’, Or ‘X-Files’?

Posted at September 24, 2012 by 0 Comment

With J.J. Abrams’ Fringe leaving airwaves after this season, producers are scrambling for their next supernatural hit, and of all places, A&E is looking to Michael Bay to provide their next dose of the creepy and mysterious. Teaming up with James Wong (The X-Files), Bay is producing a new series, Occult, which follows the FBI’s newly formed occult crimes task force. But will it have a run as long as the legendary X Files, with 9 seasons and two films? I want to believe.

Wong and Bay’s Occult follows a similar formula as The X Files and Fringe, centering on “an FBI agent who returns from administrative leave after going off the deep end while investigating his wife’s disappearance. Eager to be back on the job, he is paired with an agent with her own complicated backstory who specializes in the occult. Together, they will solve cases for the newly formed occult crimes task force.” Clearly the studio isn’t looking to break new ground, except now they are focusing on “occult crimes,” where The X Files centered on the supernatural and Fringe centered on, well, fringe science and technology.

[Ed. note: James Wong wrote one of the most reveered stand-alone episodes of The X Files, "Home". Yes, the episode that dealt with an incestous backwoods family that initially got banned from airing on FOX during its initial run.]

The Transformers director and A&E seem like an unlikely pairing, but Wong’s years of experience may temper the relationship. Otherwise, Bay’s Platinum Dunes studio is developing a new pirate series for Starz, Black Sails, while A&E is also airing the Psycho prequel series, Bates’ Motel.

Whether or not Occult takes off next year, just remember…The Truth Is Out There.

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