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TV Teasers: ‘Fringe’, ‘Homeland’, ‘Dexter’, ‘Revenge’, ‘Glee’ & ‘American Horror Story’ (UPDATE)

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[UPDATE #18] It’s weirdly exciting to get the promo art for the final season of Fringe, a poster for Scandal and the first trailer for Steel Magnolias (even though its not our cup of tea).

[UPDATE #17] Check out more teasers out of Parks & Recreation. Then there’s several awesome teasers from American Horror Story.

[UPDATE #16] Check out the teaser for season 2 of HBO’s Girls, a new clip from Scandal and some new character photos from The Walking Dead.

[UPDATE #15] Check out a first official new trailer for Season 3 of The Walking Dead after the jump.

[UPDATE #14] Some new teasers have arrived for Once Upon A Time, Bates Motel, Glee and  Gossip Girl. See them after the jump.

[UPDATE #13] There’s some really awesome footage of Fringe, Arrow and, as this saddens and disappoints me by saying this, Glee. Only because Kate Hudson is actually entertaining. See them after the jump.

[UPDATE #12] See new teasers and photos from Fringe, Glee, Hart of Dixie, Gossip Girl, Parenthood and Once Upon A Time.

[UPDATE #11]  Check out some promo videos from DexterHow I Met Your MotherVampire DiariesHart of Dixie, Grey’s Anatomy and Fringe.

[UPDATE #10] You can check out the many faces of FOX’s new and returning series after the jump.

[UPDATE #9] There’s a new teaser from AHS and The Walking Dead. See them after the jump.

[UPDATE #8] Check out new teasers from American Horror Story, Fringe, Banshee and The Walking Dead after the jump.

[UPDATE #7] Check out the new teaser from the fifth and final season of Fringe after the jump.

[UPDATE #6] Check out the new teaser for American Horror Story, as well as trailers for HBO’s Boardwalk Empire and the Doctor Who-spinoff, Pond Life after the jump.

[UPDATE #5] Welcome teasers for Grey’s Anatomy and Sons of Anarchy. See them after the jump.

[UPDATE #4] There’s still more American Horror Story and we’re gobbling it all up. This one is hard to escape…

[UPDATE #3] Rumors are swirling around online that these teasers (through editing) will become the intro theme to the second anthology of American Horror Story. If so, it’ll be another successful intro and maybe they’ll be elevating their horror-story even further. Check out two new and very (surrealist) stylized teasers after the jump.

[UPDATE #2] There’s new promo videos for Sons of Anarchy after the jump.

[UPDATE #1] Check out a third and even creepier teaser for American Horror Story, this time confined into a hydrobath that’s fairly subversive, IMO. See it after the jump.

[Original] TV addicts, rejoice! With the Fall TV Season ramping up, networks are pushing out new teasers and trailers for critically-adored series. Fringe, Homeland, Dexter, RevengeAmerican Horror Story: Asylum and Glee (collective shrug?) have released said teasers, some are chalk full of spoilers and others are employing thematic narratives that send goosebumps down your spine. Check them out after the jump.

Fringe is entering its fifth and final season with 13 episodes, wrapping up a multiple-universe sci-fi narrative, here’s two previews (the second contains all new footage from Season 5):

Homeland premieres its second season after a much-applauded first season dealing with “homeland terrorizing”, where a rescued soldier has turned and infiltrated American politics:

Dexter is coming off one of its most despised seasons, but its closing moments has set in progress the series end game. This 2-minute trailer is very heave on spoilers:

The most sudsy new show to premiere last season and critically acclaimed, Revenge moves to Sunday nights:

American Horror Story: Asylum, which is just a self-indulgent romp that’s just too much fun to not watch and illicits much watercooler talk. Stars the Tennessee Williams-esque actress Jessica Lange as the head nun of a psychiatric ward (I’m hoping she’s the one sending chills down my spine in the first teaser below):

And then there’s Glee:

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