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TIFF Spotlight: Reviews on ‘Argo’ (New Poster) & ‘The Iceman’

Posted at September 18, 2012 by 0 Comment

We have some more capsule spotlight reviews from our list of highly anticipated films at TIFF that we could not see. Starring the stalwart Michael Shannon in The Iceman as hitman Richard Kurlinski, the film is having mixed receptions. While Ben Affleck seems to be gaining more and more notoriety as a director in Argo, for which he also stars in and has a nifty poster to along with it.

The Iceman is “the true story of hit-man Richard Kuklinshi (Michael Shannon)- who allegedly killed over 100 people at the mob’s behest, while simultaneously existing as a devoted family man with a loving wife (Winona Ryder) and two adoring daughters.”

Joblo says:

“[The] result is a strong gangster melodrama anchored by an absolutely startling performance by Shannon. Certainly, Ariel Vromen’s movie, which runs a contained ninety minutes and keeps the focus sharply on Kuklinski, won’t be mistaken for one of the all-time gangster epics, but it’s certainly a superior piece of genre entertainment… The best thing about THE ICEMAN is that Vroman keeps the focus squarely on Shannon as Kuklinski, with him barely ever leaving the screen. This is essential. Shannon’s performance is a perfect contrast to his “other” family man part, in last year’s TAKE SHELTER.”

While Indiewire had other thoughts:

“As Kuklinski, Michael Shannon easily fits the creepy lunatic role, but Winona Ryder’s bland turn as the killer’s wife epitomizes the lifeless trajectory of this cold portrait. When the movie begins, Kuklinski has already displayed his psychopathic tendencies by killing people when he’s off-duty. For a while, director Ariel Vromen manages to hold some interest by following Kuklinski as he steadily develops confidence in himself. But his screenplay offers hardly any depth beyond the surface level insanity.”

On the other side of critic consent, Affleck’s Argo is strong and already illiciting “Oscar-talk”. Read what Joblo’s Chris Bumbray had to say:

“Tony Mendez is the ideal role for the maturing Affleck, with it being a very George Clooney style role- with him playing Mendez as a bit burnt out, but still driven by a sense of compassion and responsibility. The first half of the film, featuring his attempts to navigate Hollywood with the help of Alan Arkin as a veteran producer who helps give his Argo cover some legitimacy- is probably the most fun. Arkin seems to be having a ball, especially when he gets to play opposite John Goodman as real-life make-up artist John Chambers- famous for creating the prosthetic makeup of the PLANET OF THE APES films. It appears that Chambers also freelanced for the CIA, and Goodman steals every scene he’s in.”

Check out the super nifty and “can’t quite put your finger on it” poster styling for Argo:

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