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TIFF 2012 Spotlight: ‘Cloud Atlas’ & ‘Looper’

Posted at September 10, 2012 by 0 Comment

It’s a big week for the Canadian city where the Toronto International Film Festival is currently underway. We’ll be bringing you some quick reactions and reviews on films that we’re highly anticipating and that are gaining buzz heading into Oscar season in a few weeks time. Check out reviews from the Tom Tykwer and Lana and Andy Wachowski’s Cloud Atlas, starring Tom Hanks, Halle Berry, Hugo Weaving and many more.  We also have reviews from Rian Johnson’s Looper, starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Emily Blunt and Bruce Willis.

Indiewire reports back on Cloud Atlas with a mixed reaction:

Littered with A-list actors appearing under different guises, scenes shift from one period to the next so casually that it feels as if several movies were interrupting each other. Still, the movie comes across as the best possible version of this material one can hope for. If there’s anyone capable of constructing a mysterious epic, it’s the Wachowskis, whose “The Matrix” world similarly contained tremendous audacity even when it floundered; Tywker, best known for “Run Lola Run,” adroitly explored the same scenario with several different outcomes. “Run Lola Run” contained a structural playfulness not unlike the essence of “Cloud Atlas.”

While First Showing speaks of the Tykwer/Wachowski film as a new masterpiece:

Not only is Cloud Atlas an achievement in storytelling, it is a technical masterwork as well. Especially the cast, and their make-up. Many of the actors do indeed appear in all six stories, playing people of different race and sex. Here it’s not even asking the viewers to suspend their disbelief, because it’s all pulled off with perfection, making it look like there isn’t even a make-up job to be worried about. This is who they are, their soul captured in a different character. Again – what does it all mean? Why is Tom Hanks’ character bad in one storyline, good in another? I honestly think it’s just the century-spanning, multiple-lifetime character arc that we get to see many of these individuals go on. That is their path to one of the big revelations in this.

Meanwhile, Joblo‘s review of Johnson’s Looper (which we’re extremely excited to see) is littered with praise:

Now- the thing about LOOPER is that it’s definitely a movie you don’t want to walk into knowing too much about. Suffice to say, after the first act-coinciding with the introduction of Emily Blunt’s character, the film goes in another direction that ended up being absolutely riveting, and cannily- hasn’t been revealed by any of the trailers. I’m certainly not going to be the one to spoil it, other than to tell you the twist takesLOOPER beyond being a merely top-notch thriller into possible genre classic territory. Blunt wasn’t kidding when she said a few months ago (at Comic Con) that this one one of the best roles she ever had.

Looper will be released September 28 in North America and Cloud Atlas hits theaters 26 October.

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