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Mid-September TV Casting News Round-Up (UPDATE)

Posted at September 17, 2012 by 0 Comment

[UPDATE #5] Check out more casting news from Community, Banshee and the pilot Super Fun Night after the jump.

[UPDATE #4] There’s a whole lot of castings from The Office, Modern Family, Whitney, Homeland, Shameless and Vampire Diaries. Read more after the jump.


[UPDATE #3] Here comes some more castings for Arrow, Community and New Normal.

[UPDATE #2] There’s more castings in Orange Is The New Black, Smash, Grey’s Anatomy and pilot Paging Dr. Freed.

[UPDATE #1] Check out more TV castings that are pretty big-name gets and some old returning favorites. Read more about them after the jump.

[Original] We’ve arrive midway through September and premiere week for the Big 5 networks will soon flood your small screen. See some new casting news for you (possibly) favorite new and old TV series, as well as some pilots. Read more after the jump.


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