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Miss Steve Guttenberg and Rebecca De Mornay? Think Mark Ruffalo and Gretchen Mol are the ideal Batman and Catwoman? Think you could do a better job than the casting directors are doing pumping out movies today? We have good news for you. The soon-to-be-launched DreamMovieCast will let cinephiles and serial procrastinators create their dream tv & movie castings. Cast your favorite actors and make Hollywood take notice. Maybe you have a favorite book or comic that would make a brilliant movie. Cast it! Think ‘Game of Thrones’ would work better as comedy? Cast it! Maybe you didn’t like the direction of ‘Spider Man’ and think Woody Allen would do a better job. Re-cast that version! Pick your ideal screenwriters, directors or producers too. Redo the casting for your favorite classic with your favorite actors of today. Robert Pattinson in ‘Chinatown’? Hmmm… sure, why not?! Create your dream tv & movie casting and share it with your friends. Change it around, get input from other movie buffs and change it again. The possibilities are literally endless. Who knows, it might inspire the powers that be to make it happen.

So, that all sounds great, and you have a good idea for a movie cast… What now?

Don’t fret, our interactive website is in production and will be launched very soon. In the meantime, is the go-to source for up-to-the-minute casting news for tv shows and movies as well as reviews and critiques. We also produce our own monthly Dream Movie Castings that you can comment on and share. Until the launch, we encourage you to send your ideas to us at

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